Newsletter December 2009

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I am a hope merchant and believe that when we look for the positive and towards hope anything is achievable. These days we see these changes happening faster and faster that means there are more of us expecting the best. … Read More

Sharon Fox-Mould in London

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Hi all it’s been while but thought you’d like to know what I’ve been up to this year (2009). It has been very hectic and fruitful. The trip to London was my first and though the weather not very warm, … Read More

Embellishing Prints

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The challenge to me is how many ways could I have finished this piece. The concept is not new, we encounter it daily when we rethink a project, when we reevaluate our lives and when we look for alternate solutions. … Read More

The Healing Power of Art

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It started November 2007 when I was challenged to name an exhibition that the Jamaica Guild of Artist was mounting in Nassau, Bahamas and together with our sponsors, No Excuse Bahamas led by Bahamian Sidney Strachen whose focus is primarily … Read More

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