Second Prize in Utrecht 60th Anniversary Art Competition.

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Sharon Fox-Mould was awarded second prize in the Utrecht 60th Anniversary Art Competition. “I am happy and thankful for the recognition and Prize!”  The winning painting is a photo realistic representation of a Hibiscus.

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Below is the text of the press release that Utrecht Art Supplies sent out.

Jamaican born Sharon Fox-Mould from Upper Marlboro, Maryland awarded Second Prize in Utrecht 60th Anniversary Competition.
Sharon Fox-Mould delights in creating exciting and uplifting paintings, full of explosive colour and movement. She says “it’s the light and it’s lumination of colour” that drives her creations.

“For me each floral painting is about the character of the flower. The in your face pieces that I do challenge me to not just paint a pretty piece of work for your dining room, but really says stop, look and experience colour, shape, and what ever else you can glean from stopping here. I use colour to create excitement and lure the spectator to come closer. Most of my work is non-conventional, the ordinary rules of composition are mostly applied but, like myself, convention is not always required. I paint for effect to elicit an emotional response. If you observe a group of people walking through a garden and the response that they have to a very red flower, for instance, a rose or a hibiscus, you would probably notice the exclamations, the admiration and sheer awe. My use of reds, oranges and yellows in the florals seek to capture that effect. More to the point, it is also about upliftment. If I’ve given you a reason to smile or just a twinge of joy then I’ve achieved my goal. Hibiscus characterizes the trend that I have pursued for the past three years.”

Sharon Fox-Mould believes that in a world full of disaster and stress, there is still beauty, life and joy, and views herself as one of life’s “hope merchants”. 2010 promises to be full of change and will find Sharon developing a series of paintings that examines the endemic and often endangered flora of Jamaica. The plan is for a Solo exhibition showcasing both her painting and photographs scheduled for October 2010 (venue to be decided), details of the art work and the developmental process will be posted on the artists website throughout the year.

Utrecht Art Supplies is well respected through out the art world and sells a professional level of quality art supplies. For it’s sixtieth anniversary Utrecht launched a juried art competition where they solicited submissions from artists through out the United States. The competition was juried by American Artist, Utrecht Art Supplies’ Resident Artist, and the Ridgewood Art Institute. “The Utrecht Competition happened at the right time and I had the right piece” says Sharon “….and since I’m always on the Utrecht website looking for new products and supplies, I gave it a whirl”. Sharon likes the heavy body paints that Utrecht produces, she especially likes the green and red spectrum and “the gesso is to die for”. “I was totally blown away and deeply honored to have gotten second prize in the competition and it has been an energizing experience”.

Sharon currently exhibits her work in The Just Lookin’ Gallery in Hagerstown Maryland, Gallery Serengeti Gallery in Capital Heights, Maryland, The Ritz Carlton Hotel Gallery in Montego Bay and The Jamaica Guild of Artists Gallery in Kingston, Jamaica.


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