Mind Over Matter or Matter Over Mind?

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It starts with an imagining a fleeting thought that wanders through my awareness for a brief moment and goes its merry way and doubles back. This time it lingers just a little longer until it decides to stay. The germination of a vision. I then give it space, time and energy and eventually move matter to give the vision embodiment and a painting is manifested. Its the process that engages me the creator and allows for choices in the challenge of creation.

My usual painting employs this technique explicitly. The vision comes from a soup of feeling, though and materials and engages me the creative in an emotive process. A painting usually nature in subject, is designed to tickle you imagination and realize what underlies your own thought space.

Acrylic pours are different for me. The choice in materials, colour combination, shape and size are mine in a predetermined way. The energy and tilts tap into my instinctive process which may be different from second to second. No two paintings coexist in the same form or feeling or colour blend. There is no replication even in the most controlled space.

This element attracts me most, a predetermined outcome of my more traditional work is is gone here and my creativity and freedom to invent and experience movement without judgement.