Slipper Orchid in Abstract
Slipper Orchid in Abstract

This Slipper Orchid painting looks at the beauty of the flower and abstracts the form hoping to create an emotional connection with the viewer. The item is printed on canvas.


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Potato Flower
Potato Vine in Bloom

This painting represents a potato vine bloom. Painted acrylic on paper and capturing the vivid hues in the bloom.

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Calipso Hibiscus 1
Calypso Hibiscus

Enjoy the tropical colors of a Hibiscus in bloom isolated against the blue sky in the background.  This print on canvas is part of a limited edition series.

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Hibicsus Bonnie's Red
Bonnies Red Hibiscus

A Red Rose Hibiscus, striking in its brilliance. A fine art piece representing the best of Caribbean Flora. This print on canvas is part of a Limited Edition series.

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Hibiscus 2
Hibiscus 2

The brilliant red of this hibiscus was irresistible. This print on canvas is mounted on a stretcher ready to hang.

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Hibiscus 1
Hibiscus 1

This exciting Bloom was irresistible and the base for the prize winning painting “Hibiscus”. This print on canvas is part of a limited edition series.

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Hibiscus Award Winner
Hibiscus (Award Winner)

Tropical Hibiscus, with all the charm and excitement that florals have to offer. The “in your face approach” beckons you to come closer. The view from this perspective proved challenging. The intricate design of the flower was tedious but the movement and excitement it generates is tremendous.

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Tropical Torch Ginger. The original painting is in the art collection of Victor D’Agular, Bahamas. This print  on canvas is part of a limited edition series.

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Washday in Clarendon
Washday in Clarendon

Since the water shortage hit us this may become a more common place activity than anyone wants to admit. Never mind that there is no water to use the washing machine, the wash pan is becoming popular again, These ladies are lucky because “the river have wata”.

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Yellow Hibiscus 2010
Yellow Hibiscus

Yellow Hibiscus offers the bright sunlight of the Caribbean Sunlight to those of us who enjoy the warm rays of the sun. For most of us sunlight lifts the spirit and warms both body and heart, this painting offers the warmth that most often is missing in winter and warms the bones.

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Glory, Endemic Jamaican Orchid
Glory, Endemic Jamaican Orchid

Prostechea Cochleata. Tropical purple orchid with a twist, looking gloriously to the sky.

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Grace Orchid
Grace Orchid

Diptych Orchid done for Grace

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Painted Boy 3
Painted Boy 3, Jouvert Jumper

Painting of young boy enjoying the painted Jouvert experience.


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White Phalaenopsis Orchid in Bloom
White Phalanenopsis Orchid in Bloom

Painting of a white phalaenopsis orchid in bloom. The oriental plant exemplifies health and healing. It provides a cheerful visual relief.

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White Phalaenopsis Orchid
White Phalaenopsis Orchid

Painting of a white phalaenopsis orchid. The simple background in blue hues add to the healing nature of the Floral painting.

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