All Things Jamaican

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Jamaica will celebrate it’s 50th year of Independence and all Jamaicans are excited about the impending celebrations. Along with you all, I am also feeling that my art this year should reflect a Jamaican perspective and have decided to call my series “All Things Jamaican”. As a Jamaican artist and painter I am quite enamored with Jamaican Flowers. For this reason I decided to provide a unique point of view by examining our endemic orchids.

The first in this series is the Broughtonia Sanguinea also known as Blood Red Broughtonia.

Broughtonia Sanguinea

Broughtonia Sanguinea is a species native to Jamaica. Its small, egg-shaped and compact pseudo-bulbs. The leaves have a hard texture and do not break easily. The flower spikes produces long clustered red flowers. The spikes are able to bloom for several months and the plant is able to bloom twice per year or more

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