Hibiscus 1
Hibiscus 1

This exciting Bloom was irresistible and the base for the prize winning painting “Hibiscus”. This print on canvas is part of a limited edition series.

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Hibiscus Award Winner
Hibiscus (Award Winner)

Tropical Hibiscus, with all the charm and excitement that florals have to offer. The “in your face approach” beckons you to come closer. The view from this perspective proved challenging.┬áThe intricate design of the flower was tedious but the movement and excitement it generates is tremendous.

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Yellow Hibiscus 2010
Yellow Hibiscus

Yellow Hibiscus offers the bright sunlight of the Caribbean Sunlight to those of us who enjoy the warm rays of the sun. For most of us sunlight lifts the spirit and warms both body and heart, this painting offers the warmth that most often is missing in winter and warms the bones.

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