Pink Rose Close-Up 2015

This Pink Rose original is for sale at the Flora and Fauna Exhibition at the Bowie Town Hall, 15901 Excalibur Road, Bowie Maryland, from March 21 to June 13, 2015.

Roses are best known as ornamental plants grown for their flowers in the garden and sometimes indoors. Ornamental roses have been cultivated for millennia, with the earliest known cultivation from at least 500 BC in Mediterranean countries, Persia, and China. A rose is a woody perennial of the genus Rosa. There are over 100 species and thousands of cultivars. They form a group of plants that can be erect shrubs, climbing or trailing with stems that are often armed with sharp prickles. Flowers vary in size and shape and are usually large and showy, in colors ranging from white through yellows and reds. Most species are native to Asia, with smaller numbers native to Europe, North America, and northwest Africa.

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  • Artist Sharon Fox-Mould
  • Subject Rose Blossom
  • Medium Acrylic On Canvas
  • Year 2015