The Hibiscus series is an up close look at hibiscus blooms. The lush petals, the  subtle textures, and the delicate variation in color reflects the excitement one experiences when we see beauty.

Sharon is a firm believer that beauty heals and through these paintings she hopes to bring cheer, healing and passion to the viewer. Beauty in nature is a healing force that we cannot deny. The yellows and reds describe the tropical sunshine and happiness, red describes passion and energy, while orange combines the emotions evoked by the reds and yellows and delivers to us an energetic, happy painting.

Sharon has always been fascinated by the Hibiscus flower. She has created many variations of size, color, and perspective in her Hibiscus Series. Many of the Originals have been sold to art collectors from around the world including the United States, Canada, Jamaica, Venezuela, Bahamas, United Kingdom, Trinidad, and Qatar. An original Hibiscus won second prize in Utrecht 60th Anniversary Competition and was used by Utrecht and Dick Blick art supply company as a promotion piece in The Acrylic Art Magazine.

Sharon expects to do a Pink Hibiscus found in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica in 2015. If you want to commission an original please contact us to make a request.

You can purchase a print of a Hibiscus for your own collection from the online store.

  • Artist Sharon Fox-Mould
  • Subject Hibiscus Bloom
  • Medium Acrylic on Canvas
  • Year 2003 to Now