In search of Jamaica’s Endemic and Endangered Species

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I was very excited about my adventure in the Blue and John Crow Mountain National Park. I have started photographing some plant and bird species in the wild and at the same time was in awe of some very breath taking views and flowers. A Tody (endemic bird) that I’d been researching just sat in from of my camera and all I had to do was click. Then to top it all the most spectacular branch of Bromeliads.

Did I say there were spectacular views. There were so many that it would be impossible to share, but this was awesome. The day was full of eye candy and thanks to Georgette and Roger of the Jamaica Conservation & Development Trust it was a fun day.

“Keeping wild spaces wild” ensures continuation of the species who live there. If we want to keep Jamaica as beautiful as it is then we need to know what we have and how to protect it. When you buy a painting or print from my new series, The Jamaica Guild of Artists will donate 50% to Jamaica Conservation Development Trust, so that they can continue the wonderful job of protecting , documenting and patrolling the Blue and John Crow Mountain National Park.